10.3 Gene pools and speciation

Gene pool

is the total number of alleles for all the genes in the population and their combinations.

Of course in practice these idea are more complex as we have sex linked alleles where females have 2 copies and males only have 1 copy. For instance if this group had 50 women and 50 men and we looked at the gene for colour blindness with its alleles B for normal vision and b for colour blindness then there would be only be 150 alleles all together. If there were 10 colour blind men and 25 women who are carriers then the allele frequency would be 0.20 the men 0.25 for the women. For the total population it would be 35/150.

Evolution is the cumulative change of inheritable characteristics over time. This also then means that it can be defined as a change in allele frequency within a gene pool over generations.


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